Rainbow Birthday Crown DIY

by - July 05, 2019

My niece is turning 2 this month, so naturally I had to make her something for her birthday. She is in love with the show True and The Rainbow Kingdom, so that is where I pulled my inspiration from. I wanted to make her a fun crown that she could wear to her party and then keep for her dress up closet afterward as well. I settled on making it out of felt scraps that I had leftover from making several felt wreaths and her other birthday gift, a True doll. I don't have great pictures of the making process but I do have some of the steps recorded and can explain what was done in between. 

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Step 1. Create a template.
You'll want a template so that all of your felt stripes are the same width and have the same curve at the top. I made my template by measuring out how thick I wanted my stripes to be, in this case that is 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2ish inches tall. I then drew a rectangle in illustrator, added an overlapping circle, cut out the lines I didn't need and printed it out. Please feel free to use the template above and adjust the sizing before printing to meet your own needs. 

I reuse scraps from other printing projects for things like this. 

Step 2. Cut out your felt pieces.
I laid my template on top of my felt and cut my edges using very sharp scissors. I used the same template to cut out 7 stripes for the rainbow and 6 stripes for the clouds on the sides. When it came time to cut the clouds I made the template slightly shorter for each remaining stripe. I did this so the sides of the crown would have a stepped effect. 

Step 3. Attach your felt pieces.
I used Gorilla Glue hot glue for this step because, let's face it, kids are destructive animals (even the super cute ones), and even though my niece is oddly strong like all toddlers, even she can't rip this apart. I used hot glue to attach all of my stripes to a longer piece of teal colored felt. I then went back and trimmed the teal felt so that it matched the curves of the stripes and clouds.I left wings at the ends of each side but ended up cutting one off so I could overlap the ends and glue them together. Alternatively, you could use ribbon or elastic to finish this so that it could fit any child. I chose to glue mine because it's meant to just rest on the top of her head anyway and can still be used as she gets bigger. 

Ruler for scale.

Step 4. Embellish! 
I found some cute glitter stickers in my stash but I didn't have enough to spell out her entire name. I decided to just do her initial with a few small dots added for extra sparkle and balance. I also added some cloud shapes I cut out of extra white felt to give the white parts a little more dimension and interest. Once you are done adding your embellishments you're done! If you end up making one of these crowns for the little ones in your life they are sure to enjoy it and their parents will be happy you didn't give them a toy that requires them to "accidentally" break it in a few months to save their sanity. Enjoy!

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